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A Guide to Mother of the Groom Gowns

A Guide to Mother of the Groom Gowns
As your son's wedding day approaches, you need to start thinking about what type of Mother of the Groom gown you want to wear. Your son and his fiancée may have decided on a level of formality for their wedding that dictates you don a gown that is not something you would normally wear. In this article, you will find information about appropriate attire for weddings that fall under any level of formality.
An Outdoor or Beach Location
Weddings that are being conducted on the beach or at a different outdoor venue frequently have a more lenient dress-code than indoor weddings. Because full-length dresses are cumbersome and uncomfortable at these sorts of weddings, it is within proper etiquette to buy a shorter dress. A knee-length dress is the shortest hemline that is appropriate for a Mother of the Groom at an outdoor ceremony. Try to avoid selecting a gown that is similar to the natural colors of the venue. For example, a light blue or taupe dress would look odd in photos at a beach. Gold or silver are both excellent color choices for outdoor weddings.
What to Wear at a Casual Daytime Ceremony
If your son and his bride-to-be have decided on a casual morning or afternoon wedding ceremony, you may want to wear a feminine suit or a tea-length dress. Choosing a brocade or silk Shantung fabric for your outfit is appropriate for a daytime wedding ceremony. Find a dress in a color that complements the bridesmaids' gowns without matching exactly.
What to Wear for a Semi-Formal Evening Ceremony
Semi-formal weddings that take place in the evening give you the widest variety of options when it comes to choosing your Mother of the Groom dress. Dark colored tea-length dresses are one appropriate option. You can select a deeply saturated version of one of the wedding colors or black if you want to wear a shorter dress. Neutral colored fabrics are also acceptable. For a ceremony with this level of formality, you can also wear a full-length gown. See the summer mother of the groom dresses. Any of the colors suggested above are appropriate for your long gown as well. Make sure to consult with the mother of the bride before you buy your attire, as the formality of your gowns should be similar.
A Black-Tie Affair
If your son's wedding is to be a black-tie affair, you are required to wear a formal full-length dress. Black, taupe, or another neutral hue is most flattering for this type of ceremony. Check the mother of the groom dresses. You can purchase a gown with some embellishment, but make sure it is still classic. When selecting your jewelry, try to choose something timeless, such as diamonds or pearls.


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